Vlad Cristian Soare

Managing Partner

Having a PhD in administrative law and also a rich experience in litigious matters, Vlad provides legal assistance regarding administrative procedures in relation to public authorities, dispute resolution on constitutional matters, sports law, entertainment and cinematography.

Vlad started his professional career under the mentorship of a well-known lawyer, specialized in real estate retrocessions, continuing his development within a law firm recognized for its the litigation cases.

Subsequently, after completing his 2-years of training as a trainee lawyer, passing the final exam obtaining the 4th grade at national level, he continued his activity within his own law office. After two years on his own, Vlad decided to merge with Pârgaru & Associates, forming SCA Pârgaru, Soare & Associates.

For the past 5 years, Vlad has been a collaborator of the Faculty of Law – University of Bucharest, within the Department of Constitutional Law and Political Institutions, being awarded in 2019 with the highest teaching distinction offered by a student body (“Professor Bologna “).

Vlad graduated high school studies as valedictorian, Saint Sava National College having a general average of 9.35, Faculty of Law – University of Bucharest having a general average of 9.05, he has a LLM in “European Administration. Institutions and public policies” and has a PhD in administrative law, carrying out a study on administrative reforms, “Associations of inter-community development – an institutional hybrid between public and private law. Comparative analysis Romania and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ”.

Vlad also graduated from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute were he studied “Diplomacy and foreign affairs”, he has a certificate in “European Affairs and Cooperation in European Justice” offered by the Romanian European Institute, he graduated the modules of Educational Psychology and received the title of “European Manager” from ISMB.

During his professional career, Vlad was part of the manger’s advisory team for the National Electricity Transport Company, he was a TV moderator and was involved in consulting many actors during the process of implementing public policy projects.

Alone or in collaboration with other lawyers or law firms, Vlad passionately offered his knowledge in cases such as the following:

  • Assisted clients during the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship, managing to change in court, ANC rejection decisions
  • Provided legal advice on numerous exceptions / objections of unconstitutionality
  • Assisted commercial companies / civil society representatives during the consultations held in process of adoption of numerous normative acts.
  • Advised one of the largest security and protection companies in the procurement procedure of an important player of the market.
  • Assisted major football players or well-known football clubs form Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and Romania in procedures involving the transfer of players.
  • Offered legal advice to one of the biggest women’s handball teams in the world.
  • Advised one of the biggest players from the ridesharing market
  • Represented and offered legal support for well-known artists who preform in the music, film or theater industry.
  • Provided legal advice to local public authorities.


Vlad is also a published author in the legal domain: “Romanian Constitution – commentaries”; “Establishment of ADI by the administrative-territorial units – criteria, constitutionality, procedural capacity and compatibility” (Journal of Legal Studies and Research of the Romanian Academy no. 4/2018), “Contribution through public funds and the possibility of giving in administration public goods to ADI” (Public Law Review no. 3/2018), ”Inter-community development associations. Characteristics and problems of interpretation” (Judicial Courier no. 10/2018), Intercommunity development associations in Romania – problematical aspects regarding the legal framework (Public Law Review no. 3/2017),  “Legal regime applicable to intercommunity development associations in Romania” (Annals of the University of Bucharest 2017), „Associations of inter-community development in Romania. Critical considerations regarding the legal regime “(Journal of Public Law no. 3/2017).

At the same time, Vlad is a graduate of the Faculty of Film and Cinematography – section Film Director


+40 745 512 512