Samson Paschal

Of counsel - Corporate employment law and networth investment immigration expert

Samson is a versatile, well-organised lawyer and astute public policy and management professional with transferable legal, human resources and research expertise from international organisations. He delivers first class legal, customer services and consultancy, influences policies, articulately presents information to individuals and groups and builds advantageous relationships. Introduces value-added business change, improves processes for sustainable benefits realization and leads multi-disciplinary workforces in a fast-paced environment.

In his work so far, he established critical working relationships with embassies and consulates worldwide to secure Work Permits and Business Visas, liaising with fee earners in the group on immigration compliance and public policy issues in European, Asian and African countries.

Also, Samson manifested highly proficient management abilities displayed when leading and co-ordinating teams operating in cross-functional, cross-cultural settings. He gained experience with top tier global accounts while at Deloitte LLP, working on multi-national accounts including Google and Facebook within London, providing qualified advice on compliance for products used across the EMEA region.

Samson is an experienced counsel specialising in employment and consumer laws contentious matters of dispute resolutions.

Samson is a member of BVC (Bar Vocational Council of England and Wales) and he resides in London, England.

+44 7799 135142