Mihai Ioniță


Having previously been professionally engaged with a leading independent Romanian law firm, formerly the Romanian office of a major international law firm, Mihai provides legal assistance in the fields of law relevant for any company, namely corporate law, employment law and regulatory law. Besides general consultancy and transactional advice, Mihai specializes in providing assistance in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

By way of his previous experience, Mihai has taken part in some of the largest transactions ever to have occurred in the Romanian market (including the largest transaction per value of 2016) and in landmark litigation proceedings, including some of the largest and most complex insolvency and bankruptcy procedures in Romania.

Mihai provides legal assistance before Romanian local courts of first instance, county tribunals and courts of appeal, with his relevant experience including drafting written submissions and delivering oral submissions in court in employment litigation having as an object challenge of dismissal by employees and challenge of other employer measures, litigation in the context of insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, litigation deriving from important construction and infrastructure projects or litigation having as an object non-performance of contractual obligations.

Alone or in the context of the law firm where he was previously active, Mihai has assisted clients in situations such as:

  • Provided legal assistance to companies in their capacity as creditors (including members of the Creditor Committee) in insolvency procedures, assisting those companies in exercising all rights specific to the procedure, from initiation of insolvency procedures against a debtor company, registration in the table of receivables, challenges against the report for cause of insolvency, challenges against measures taken by the judicial administrator, voting within the creditor committee or assembly of creditors, procedure closure followed by bankruptcy and liquidation;
  • Provided legal assistance to leading companies from the oil and gas sector, as well as the automotive sector, in complex employment litigation with former employees in higher management positions;
  • Provided legal assistance to a United Arab Emirates company specialising in aircraft leasing in a local dispute with a lessee company using such aircraft under an English-law lease agreement, assistance which included representation before the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority and in court;
  • Represented one of the leading engineering consultancy companies worldwide in several litigation proceedings in relation to a criminal file, the recognition and performance of an arbitral award granted in Poland and a tort liability case file;
  • Provided legal assistance to a leading international automotive parts producer with regard to the corporate and administrative restructuring of its legal presence in Romania, restructuring which had as an object the merger of several corporate subsidiaries into a single company. Assistance provided included corporate law aspects, representation before the Romanian Trade Registry and regulatory aspects in relation to state representatives;
  • Provided legal assistance in the insolvency procedure having as an object the largest state-owned Romanian company active in the petrochemical sector, assistance provided especially with regard to real estate issues in the sale of several asset bundles, sale overseen by the European Commission.

Mihai is well regarded by his clients for his proactive approach, the importance granted to the impact of the business-side aspects on any legal solution and his openness to becoming familiar with varied areas of economic activity.

Mihai graduated from the Bucharest University School of Law and the Franco-Romanian Legal College, subsequently earning an LLM in International Arbitration with the Bucharest University School of Law.

Mihai is a fluent speaker of English and French.


+40 722 551 382