Dragoș Pârgaru

Managing Partner

With 10 years of relevant experience, Dragoș is specialized in criminal law. Even though no area of criminal law has remained unexplored across his years of practice, his professional activity is centred on white collar crime. With near daily involvement in the most complex investigations and litigation proceedings in this area of law, Dragoș has assisted and represented individuals at the highest levels of Romania’s economic and political environments.

Legal services provided are constantly performed especially in investigations of the highest level coordinated by specialised prosecution units, namely the National Anticorruption Department and the Department for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism.

Dragoș is licensed to provide legal assistance and represent clients before all levels of jurisdiction in Romania, including the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Constitutional Court of Romania. Most cases in which assistance was provided featured the investigation and litigation of crimes such as tax fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, bribery and influence trafficking, forgery, confidence act crimes and other crimes having financial consequences.

Alone or together with other lawyers or law firms, Dragoș has provided his passion and knowledge in cases such as:

  • Provided legal assistance and representation to several top-ranking legislative and government officials (ministers, secretaries of state, senators and members of the House of Representatives) or local authorities (mayors, local counsellors, other officials serving with local authorities) in criminal files in which these individuals were either suspects or arraigned;
  • Provided legal assistance to high net-worth individuals constantly featured in nationally recognized wealth rankings centred on the Romanian business environment;
  • Provided legal assistance to top management of some of the largest companies in fields such as energy, construction, gambling, pharmaceuticals, medical services, security services, banking and financial services, rea estate, sports, online marketing, publicity, agriculture, industrial machinery providers;
  • Provided legal assistance in criminal litigation to two of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Romania, both being affiliates to major international companies;
  • Provided legal assistance one of the leading leasing companies in Romania in litigation proceedings connected to its capacity as affected entity in a criminal case-file;
  • Provided legal assistance to a top-ranking industrial machinery producer;
  • Provided legal assistance to individuals who were lawyers or prosecutors.

Additionally, Dragoș has also provided legal assistance and representation to important clients in areas of law adjacent to criminal law. Thus, his legal services were requested for proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights, as well as in criminal law judicial cooperation procedures, including in cases having as object European arrest warrants.

Dragoș is well-regarded by his clients for the dedication with which he approaches litigation case-files, as well as for the detailed approach to issues at hand and for his speaking skill before courts and other judicial bodies.

His professional development is not limited, however, strictly to lawyer-specific activity. Dragoș has had, ever since graduating from the University of Bucharest School of Law, teaching commitments. He is an assistant lecturer holding criminal law and criminology seminars with the University of Bucharest School of Law.

In the same vein, with a view to continuous academic development and furtherance of his passion for areas of interaction between criminal law and other fields of law or business, Dragoș succesfully defended his PhD thesis, titled “Crimes connected to insolvency procedures”, obtaining his degree summa cum laude. Dragoș is also a published author in the legal domain, having to date written either individually or with others works such as “Annotations and Comments on Law no. 254/2013 on incarceration and preventive arrest”, published with Hamangiu, “The notion of insolvency from a criminal law perspective”, “Simple and aggravated bankruptcy fraud”, both published with the University of Bucharest Annals. Also, recently, he published his doctoral thesis.

Dragoș is a fluent speaker of English and French.


+40 741 098 517