Real Estate and Constructions

The PSA team has important experience assisting leading players on the real estate and constructions market in Romania. We provide legal assistance in all aspectes of real estate development.

Our lawyers are involved, among other professional commitments, in complex projects covering all stages, from the analysis of property titles for the acquisition of real estate to the subsequent development of project, the experience of PSA attorneys representing the basis of the assistance we can offer at any level of such a transaction.

Our team also advises clients on the approaches and the relationship with state representatives for the issuance of urbanism documentation.

With regard to specific construction work, namely the design and construction of buildings, our attorneys have assisted in the past one of the largest companies active in building design and engineering consultancy worldwide in judicial proceedings connected to the building of a shopping mall in Oradea, Romania, legal assistance which included fundamental provisions of the Romanian law for quality in constructions. This gave us rarely-met experience in a field of law in which few lawyers have actually had to argue and litigate construction law legal provisions before Romanian courts.