Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions, colloquially known as M&A, are undoubtedly the star of business news reporting and the hub around which many professions revolve in providing assistance, from investment banking to business management consultancy and, finally, to the legal profession. Due to the fact that it is such a complex endeavour, requiring synergy and coordination from several different business professionals simultaneously in any but the simplest cases, M&A’s are seldom easily approachable projects, from either the business-end or the legal-end.

From the initial draft and signing of standby and non-disclosure protocols, to merger control before the Romanian Competition Council, continuing with the due-diligence process and, finally, concluding with the actual drafting, negotiation and closing of the deal-defining final purchase agreement, either of shares or of assets, the PSA team has the necessary experience and know-how to provide service tailored to the client in acquisitions and mergers of wide variance in scale.

Whether you need to acquire an important market-level player, with a market share that would automatically bring the transaction under Competition Council scrutiny, or you wish to place a strategic investment in the shares of an up-and-coming startup, so that such shares would ensure a secure negotiation position in the eventuality of a future acquisition or IPO of said startup, our team is well-placed to provide the kind of assistance necessary for your specific project, and your specific resources.

In a business world where the lifespan of a company from inception to first major outside investment has shortened to less than two years, grow with PSA.