Human Rights

Fundamental human rights and liberties represent one of the pillars of modern democratic society. A notion that was more intuitive than outright stated before the 1940s, the idea of human rights blossomed after the Second World War. Starting with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, several treaties were concluded internationally so as to protect the individual against breaches of fundamental rights.

A key treaty is the Convention for the Defence of Human Rights and Liberties (more commonly known as the European Convention for Human Rights, or ECHR). With direct applicability in internal Romanian law, human rights as an area of law gains direct practical value in the Romanian legal system.

However, its most visible component is undoubtedly represented by international proceedings that can be initiated against a state-party to the ECHR. Pârgaru, Soare & Asociații has significant experience in legal assistance and representation of individuals before the European Court of Human Rights. It must be underlined, however, that there are other international mechanisms that serve to review the internal upholding of fundamental human rights, mechanisms with which Pârgaru, Soare & Asociații offers legal assistance at the highest professional standards.