Fintech and Online Businesses

Fintech (financial technology) is a new area of business that has captured the steeply rising interest of players in the last few years and is expected to grow exponentially in the future. In Romania, the area is still new when compared with foreign markets. This translates also into difficulties when searching for legal services from professionals who understand such a new and technical area.

New business methods have appeared in the online era, including, but not limited to financing, loans, payment mechanisms and selling goods. Moreover, the online world created alternative currencies which already gained a certain degree of stability. Given such speed of development, lawmakers are not always able to keep up. High level legal services in this field require, as such, high degrees of adaptability and technical information.

The Pârgaru, Soare & Asociații team is young, which constitutes an important advantage. At partner level, we originate from the first generation who grew up in this new fully technological environment. At our younger members’ level, the ability of understanding new technologies is at the highest level.

As such, we have all the necessary information and the technical and intelectual capacity to provide legal support in the field of online businesses. Taking into account our trait of integrating different areas of law in our practice, we can provide quality assistance in matters concerning private law (contractual elements, business legal management, regulatory standards, etc) as well as criminal law (observation of requirements as to avoid potential liabilities imposed by authorities fighting money laudering, legally accurate and efficient taxation, support in issues regarding cyber crime, etc).