Environment and Renewable Energy

Interest for environmental care in the context of industrial activity has greatly expanded in the last few years. Taking into account that individuals and governments are more and more aware of the impending risks humankind faces in the medium and long term, it is to be expected that in the near future control mechanisms will be more rigorously implemented and, also, diversified.

Noticeably, our team recognizes the changes that take place in business and, accordingly, in the legal environment. It is our goal to anticipate developments and to focus on those areas which will pose the toughest challenges in the future. To this end, we are well equiped to provide the highest-level assistance in environmental law, from a domestic perspective and from the perspective of international treaties and other legal instruments.

We have the required experience and knowledge to offer complex analysis in this area of law, to assist in matters regarding authorizations, consents and licences, to provide consultancy regarding the day-to-day observance of requirements that arise from the applicable law.

In accordance with this new environmentalist approach, one will notice the stronger emphasis placed, in the energy market, on alternative, renewable sources. After a long period of time when the market and, correspondingly, legislation were focused predominantly on fossil fuels energy, hydroelectric energy and nuclear energy, these days we have to be aware of the transition towards new types of energy (solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, to name just a few). Of course, a business in this area will not avoid new legal challenges. Aspects such as authorizations, market access mechanisms, energy trading, acquisition and use of means of production and others are to be considered. Our team has previous experience in the „classical” energy market and, as such, moving towards the ability to assist in matters regarding „new energy” was and is rather smooth.