Entertainment and Cinematography

Our team can provide unparalleled legal assistance in the entertainment sector due to both our lawyers’ previous experience in relevant matters, both from an artist’s perspective and from that of a business, and due to one of our partners having pursued an academic path relevant to the film industry.

Thus, we have provided legal support to clients in the following activities: film, video and media production, copyright protection, protection of distribution rights, negotiation of retransmission licenses, obtaining rights from Credidam.

Simultaneously, we assisted our clients, by offering legal support for organizing music, film or theater festivals.

The relevant experience included providing the legal support for a film production company, both during the period of selection of the personnel needed to film a movie, as well as during the filming procces; representation of artists during the negotiation of musical composition contracts; assisting a television during the negotiation process for retransmission rights; ensuring the legal support for organizing the biggest independent theater festival in Romania; offering legal advice on situations that occured during an electronic music festival; providing legal support for an online publication.