Employment Law

Employment law is one of the important areas for companies in any industry sector, a company’s relationship with its employees being liable to have an effect on the operational future of a company, sometimes even more so than the effects of those companies’ financial indicators. From another perspective, employment law is essential for the individuals that make up the workforce of any company.

Taking this into consideration, together with the often sensitive nature of employee – employer relationships, and the implications of any conflict that can thus ensue, PSA provides integrated legal assistance with regard to employment disputes, covering both negotiations and pre-trial aspects and actual employment litigation.

In terms of employment consultancy, the PSA team is experienced in terms of negotiation, concluding, modifying and termination of employment agreements both individual and collective, using confidentiality and non-compete clauses and issues related to workplace restructuring, including the termination of certain positions and the dismissal of the employee occupying that position.

Our non-dispute abilities are enhanced by our experience in employment litigation, PSA lawyers having provided legal assistance in the past to leading Romanian companies, subsidiaries of important international companies, in key-litigation concerning the dismissal of employees from middle and higher management. Beside our significant dispute resolution experience, our team is also one of the fewer legal services providers to be able to assist in litigation concerning negotiations during the hiring process and to provide assistance from a criminal law perspective in any employment dispute, such an integrated civil and criminal law approach being quite rare in the Romanian legal market.