Criminal law – Litigation and Fraud Prevention

Legal services provided in the area of criminal law are one of the mainstays on which our law firm was built. Taking into consideration our high level of experience in this field, we offer clients a full-service approach to criminal law legal services. Additionally, we must underline the Pârgaru, Soare & Asociații commitment to the highest standards both in criminal law litigation and in preventive consultancy advice.

In what concerns client necessities deriving from litigation proceedings, our lawyers provide legal assistance in all phases of a criminal trial: from criminal investigation, the preliminary chamber, first-instance trial, ordinary and extraordinary challenges to a trial judgement. Also, our experience and unparalleled levels of theoretical knowledge allow us to assist a client in the pre-trial phase, before the initiation of an investigation and in the eventuality that we are requested to provide assistance subsequent to a conviction.

Our criminal-law centred knowledge allows us to assist with any case having as an object suspected crimes regulated by the Romanian Criminal Code or in other legislation. Our experience and professional dedication, however, especially recommend us for complex criminal investigations dealing with financial crimes.

Pârgaru, Soare & Asociații was founded with one of its key-purposes being the promotion and development of preventive criminal law consultancy within the Romanian business environment. We believe that, similarly to a mode of conduct that is already quite developed with leading worldwide economies, important companies in Romania can also, with greater care to day-to-day commercial operations, avoid the risks of a criminal investigation being initiated.

It goes without saying that a criminal investigation has a great potential for harmful consequences to a business, especially when taking into consideration all the accessories that follow such an investigation, such as public relations concerns, freezing of assets, preventive measures, jeopardy of future investments and others. Much of the litigation we have been involved in has shown us that, if specialized advice in criminal law had been sought at the moment the measure under investigation was taken, the later criminal file would not have come into existence and the business would have thrived.

Prevention is superior to treatment. Today, business has become extraordinarily complex and the interpretation applied by criminal law judicial bodies to the multitude of relevant legal texts is, oftentimes, wholly inaccessible without support from a specialist, and the general predictability of state representatives is not ensured. We encourage businesses to choose a simpler way of understanding legal relationships. We recommend proactive measures so as to prevent any potential disputes that could arise.