Our team provides specialized legal assistance scalable at all levels for companies functioning under Romanian law, assistance regarding registration formalities with the Romanian Trade Registry and formalities necessary afterwards for any amendments to corporate structure, dissolution of companies and also formalities for the registering of company executive body resolutions, an essential condition to fulfill for the legality of any such resolution.

Our attorneys have assisted many clients in corporate law matters, our experience in this field ranging from small corporate enterprises, with a sole shareholder, and running up to large companies with multiple subsidiaries across the country and beyond, and joint-stock companies in significant share transfers and changes of shareholding structure.

Taking into account the above, our team is well positioned to provide a personalized level of legal service according to the specific needs of our clients.

In terms of dispute resolution, the PSA team has relevant experience in litigation proceedings between majority and minority shareholders, disputes related to procedures to annul a general assembly of shareholders resolution and experience in terms of company merger or spin-off litigation.