Constitutional Disputes

Though the field of constitutional law may seem to be far from the concerns of most clients, either natural persons or companies, the effects of an objection of unconstitutionality can be wide-ranging for the absolute spectrum of entities involved in the judicial process. Just as much, the legislative process often ends before the Constitutional Court of Romania, therefore it is in the interest of all parties with standing that they have the best possible legal assistance when arguing their point before the sole authority in constitutional law.

We are well-placed to provide just that assistance.

Our team’s relevant experience includes advisory assistance in the legislative process by way of opinions on the constitutionality of draft laws and amendment proposals to existing laws, as well as significant litigational assistance in arguing cases before the Constitutional Court of Romania, in matters contending both the constitutionality of civil and criminal law provisions.

From the purely litigational standpoint, we assist our clients in drafting opinions regarding the admissibility of different exceptions/objections of unconstitutionality, and the support we grant clients extends from the drafting stage all the way to actually pleading our drafted submissions before the Constitutional Court of Romania, the lawyers on our team being accomplished litigators.

At the same time, we provide legal support to NGOs that advocate for constitutional rights, democracy and the rule of law.

We also provide legal assistance for obtaining Romanian citizenship, refugee status, political asylum and residence permits.

Our relevant experience includes drafting proposals for the amendment of legislation during public consultation procedures, drafting and supporting relevant exceptions of unconstitutionality, drafting of amicus curiae opinions addressed to the Constitutional Court, on behalf of our clients, writing notices addressed to the People’s Advocate and, last but not least, assisting clients before the National Authority for Citizenship.