Competition Law

An important issue in the working life of any company in Romania and the EU as a whole is competition law (also known as antitrust), even though there are companies that overlook competition aspects when drafting their commercial agreements and planning their sales policy. This failing can prove to be a key-issue at certain points in the future, whenever an investigation is initiated by the Romanian Competition Council. Knowing what to include and what not to include in commercial agreements most often would have nullified any chance of a fine for competition law breaches.

That’s where PSA makes a difference for clients.

With expertise in competition law matters resulting from relevant previous experience that includes several merger control procedures conducted by the Competition Council in major Romanian mergers and acquisitions and ongoing legal assistance provided related to competition law inquiries and sector investigations, we are well placed to assist any client in the drafting phase of agreements and in creating policies that do not risk breaches of competition law.

If and when an investigation is launched against a client, we can provide subsequent assistance regarding both the investigation phase, and, if necessary and no agreement is reached with competition regulatory bodies, the trial phase before a Romanian court. In such instances we are also uniquely well-placed to assist in case any crimes provided for by competition legislation are applicable in the opinion of investigation bodies, an expertise which originates from our lawyers’ background as criminal law trial lawyers and law school faculty members.