Administrative and Public Affairs Law

The administrative area can be found in most branches of the law. The administrative acts issued by public authorities outside the bounds allowed by the relevant legislation harm the interests or rights of the recipients, thereby opening the path for judicial challenges to the aforementioned acts enacted by the authorities.

We can make a difference for our clients when such a challenge needs to be filed.

We have represented our clients in the past both within the internal, administrative challenge phase, and before courts of law in the final, judicial challenge phase, when public authorities previously denied the internal challenges, obtaining the best results in the process, either in talks with the authorities or in court.

Whether the interests harmed are those of a natural person or those of an important company, our team is well-placed to represent our clients, no matter the authority we challenge or the field of adjacent law, with our previous experience ranging from urban planning, commercial authorizations and licensing, all the way to citizenship issues.

Furthermore, alongside our litigation-oriented capabilities, we can offer legal advice to local authorities concerned with setting up and correctly using the resources of an Intercommunity Development Association, having a great expertise in this area, with our Partner Vlad Soare having even authored his PhD thesis based on this complex area of administrative law.

We also provide consultancy during procedures that involve public tenders, we draft appeals to the National Council for Setlling Appeals (C.N.S.C.) and we provide representation before the administrative litigation courts, if the needs of our clients take us there.